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Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

Friends Only

December 11th, 2013 (04:23 pm)

Uh-oh! temblabamomo's journal is once again Friends Only. Really, if weird someones would stop stalking me, I wouldn't have to do this. But then, if I wasn't making it FO again, I wouldn't get to use this awesome FO banner: 

Feel the love, you guys.  By onetouchspark .

Don't add me if you're a douchebag, please.  For all the non-douchebags out there, if you think we'll get along and have nice conversation type things and be civil towards one another, feel free to comment here.  Secretary Zelda will process all friend requests in 3 - 5 business days, thank you for your patience.              

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

pumpkin cat

October 21st, 2008 (10:57 am)

Happy Tuesday everybody!  And what a wonderful one it is.  We've got sunshine and crisp autumn air aplenty, it's pleasant and nice and wonderful and whatnot.

Over the weekend, I went to the pumpkin patch and found a winner, came home and made pumpkin bread, and then raked up all the leaves and shit to stuff the pumpkin lawn bags with.  My house is officially pumpkinized.  I love it.  Pasha B was frightened of the large orange thing on his living room floor, but Jersey Marie fell in love with Mr. Pumpkin.  I found her sleeping curled about it in a patch of sunlight.  She's so special sometimes it kills me.

In sad news, the girl from court who I'm in love with but too terrified to speak to almost ran over me in the parking garage this morning, and after I scurried out of her way, she gave me a massive Stank wtf? face.  I used to think she was so cool, now I kinda want to call her a bitch for not understanding that Presbyterians Pedestrians have the Right of Way.  Bitch. 

Back to the good news, it's less than two weeks until the Anberlin show, which I'm massively excited about.  In the middle of November, my BFF/mostly hetero life partner, different_shade and I were supposed to go see Cobra in Richmond, but due to unforeseen circumstances - new jobs and whatnot - she can't go (SADFACE), and I sure as hell ain't going to Richmond by myself.  I get lost so bad there, with their one way streets and steep inclines and whatnot.  HOWEVER.  This means that I no longer face the heartbreak of the Cobra/TAI dilemma.  TAI is here in Norfolk on the same day, and I debated for so long over who to go see...Cobra?  TAI?  Cobra? TAI?  But now, it looks like I'll be in town anyway so I might as well just go ahead and visit my good friend Bill Beckett.  My very good friend Bill Beckett.  It's a fucking bummer that Agatha Jane has to work, but still.  Bill Beckett.  hipsI've added him to my short list of men who keep me from being a total lesbian. 

K-mark just told me my hair was getting long, but she didn't point out how grotty it is.  She's so obsessed with hair, it's ridiculous, she's gonna give herself an aneurism one day.  Anyway.  That's the end of your Happy Tuesday journal entry.  I've been shit about commenting on other peoples' entries this week.  Sorry about that.  I'm going to catch up with you guys and your goings on sometime today, promise. 

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

Oh murder, oh, where have you been?

October 17th, 2008 (11:36 am)

current location: pumpkin patch express
current mood: amused
current song: Swing Low......

I found my Mary Sue journal o_0

After reading through it and dying of shame and stupid and self-embarrassment, I've decided to get rid of it.  It shall be purged and destroyed with All Kinds of Fire.

Except there was one really hot story about Not Morgan and Not Quinn.  I might keep that one. Save it to my hard drive and whatnot.  In a nutshell, what happens is Not Quinn more or less falls dick first off the stage right into Not Morgan's vagina, figuratively of course.

I just realized how messed up that sounds.  Sorry.

Have a lovely weekend you guys.  I'm going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow to pick out a winner, so I'll probably be busy with Pumpkin Patrol until after Halloween.  Until then, stay intact and protect your harbles.

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

(no subject)

October 15th, 2008 (02:46 pm)

I got on LJ with the intention of raping my Memories and stealing a bunch of my own HTML (which I guess wouldn't really be called stealing, would it?).  But I got caught up reading and reading and reading, and then somehow two hours had gone by, my inbox is full, I've got to head out and do work related shit, and my notepad doesn't have a single line of HTML pasted to it. Fail.  Sadface.  Apologetic-to-myself Face.

Today is one of those days where I feel really really pleasantly high.  And yet, the most hardxcore drug I've done since December is aspirin.  I'm not complaining though, because I feel really good.  Tired, but good.  I feel like I could actually fly if I jumped from high enough and caught a good draft beneath my wings.

So I've been eagerly waiting for my muse to return.  Waiting, waiting, getting old, growing a mustache and doing the fancy dance.  My muse took a leave of absence back in March of 2007.  I've attempted creativity, but it's been frustrating with writer's block barricaded fortress.  But on days like this, I think if I could just get my body home without falling into a ditch or passing out, I could sit down and be ready to welcome my muse home with open arms.

But that's just the way I feel right now, my head works in strange ways.  How do you guys feel today?

While you all type you answers to that question, I'm going to wander a bit and eat a cookie.

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

Would you like a coffee cup to go with your tree?

October 13th, 2008 (03:43 pm)

So I managed to make a *very* small profit at our little community art show on Sunday.  For now, I'm ignoring the fact that the two people who bought pictures were my father and my step uncle.  And Agatha Jane got the Starbucks discount, because best friends always get Starbucks discounts.  I told Wayne fifty times he could have the picture for free, and when he refused I offered to mark it down fifty percent.  He made his disappointed!face and said that even at full price it was a steal.  I still can't decide if he was just being a dad or what.

Anyway.  I've always had a huge respect for anyone who takes a piece of their heart and molds it into something imaginative and has the guts to go out and show it to the world.  I never really considered the business end of art though, which makes sense considering the fact that I am, indeed, not a professional.  But there's still something surprisingly humbling about standing off to the side and watching peoples' reactions as they view your work.  It's as if you say "Here.  This is a part of me, created from the most vulnerable part of my soul.  I put more time and love into these little pictures than I've ever put into anything in my life." 

Maybe it's just me and the way I choose to keep pretty much everything personal about myself locked in my room, but the gravity of realizing that people are looking at things you worked so hard on is simply overwhelming (and that's a term a don't fling around thoughtlessly, oh no).  I've always been terrified of how any aspect of my life is going to be judged.   I'm 800% aware that the technique and execution of everything I do is flawed in some many ways, but a very wise man once said that ~the imperfections are what makes art beautiful~.  It was, however, slightly astounding to me that no one seemed genuinely appalled by my kindergarten scribbles.  

I could go on and on with this and bore you guys with a million anecdotes, but I won't.  For now, I'm looking forward to going home (finally, ugh), catching up with my mom and my babies, cleaning my room, finding somewhere *safe* to stash all the pictures that didn't sell, and buying a gigantic pad of paper to put on my gigantic not-for-sale easel and then figuring out how to draw big pictures. 

And after that, I'm going to buy a hookah, change my name to Smorgan, and buy a cottage in Norway.  Much frottage will abound in our little Norwegian cottage. Fwah.  Is...is it because of my imperfections?...No, for once, this isn't about art.  You're too young.  OH, the love.

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]


October 10th, 2008 (04:25 pm)
pissed off

current location: workity work
current mood: pissed off
current song: placebo - infra red

1. If MCR were to join forces with another band to take over the word, who would it be? (And if anyone says MSI you're getting deleted from the community) lol I kid, I kid. Hmm. There was a time when one might have said MCR teamed with Bert and the boys would make an undefeatable foe, but not so much now...I think if Geerad and Father Lazarra joined forces, they would be unstoppable. MCR + TBS = Mindblowing Sex World Domination

2. If you could only say one MCR lyric for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"My gun fires seven different shades of shit, so what's your favorite color, punk?"
or maybe
"Lie to me", whether it's techinically an official lyric or not. Vitamins!

3. Give each member their own mythical creature eg. Frank - Frankenstein.
Mikey is obviously a Unicorn.  Bob is a gnome, perhaps a dwarf.  Frank is still a Frankenstein.  Gerard is that dragon with the rainbow colored scales and a lisp and he breathes all kinds of rainbow fire.  And, ignoring the whole "mythical creature" theme, Ray is a Muppet.  Dewees is an Elf, and Cortez is El Chupacabra, only he sucks You Know Whats instead of goats.

4. MCR take part in the gay pride parade. What is on their float?
Well firstly, their float would be pulled by a team of unicorns.  After that, I have no fucking idea.  It would be the most fabulous float ever.

5. Who do you imagine to be the best cook?
Shrimp scampi anyone?  I think we all know Ray Toro wins this award, hands fucking down.

I just did a Friday Five you guys.  I can't believe I just did that.  Who even does that anymore.

At this moment, I'm at a rather high risk for beating the crap out of that wall in the parking garage.  Like, you don't even know.  I don't even know.  But the week is (almost) over, in a sense, and all the shit I'm busy with over the next few days at least doesn't involve advantage-taking slutmuffins and their counterparts.  I can't wait to quit this job, I really fucking can't. 

Oh, and my mom is calling Jersey "Special K" now.  Apparently I won't stfu about how special Jersey Marie is (she is), and since she's a Kitten and all, mom wants to call her Special K.  I thought it was lame but then two seconds later I realized that my little girl is totally ghetto bad-ass rapper gangster with that name.

I hope you guys all have a ~heavenly~ weekend.  Go out to the pumpkin patch and throw down.

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

(no subject)

October 8th, 2008 (12:21 pm)

Is it just me, or has the arrival of October and Halloween season briefly resuscitated fandom?
(or maybe the mods at mcs woke up and started moderating?)

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]


October 1st, 2008 (04:16 pm)

current mood: ditzy

Does anybody ever crush so hard on someone that it physically hurts?  Like, you have to ride up in the elevator with said crush, and as soon as you get away from him/her you get sudden and very severe stomach cramps?

He gives me fucking stomach cramps.   If that's not serious crushing on my part, I don't know what is.

I'm going to have to quit my job if this keeps up, because it's becoming quite impossible to get anything done when he's around.  I haven't had eyes for someone this badly since...I don't know.  Never, probably.  And it's so lame because I don't even like guys anymore (except Quinn...I'll always want to rape Quinn to death.)

Ugh X(


Also, many happy fanks to the folks who did the 36 questions meme for me, some of your answers made me literally laugh out loud, and now I feel like I know a few of you better :)

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

monday post

September 29th, 2008 (08:39 am)

current location: Earth
current mood: curious
current song: something heavy yet melodic

Hello everybody, happy Monday :)

First order of business - New Surrender - TOMORROW.  On goddamned payday, no less.  I so happeh.

And the 'let me get to know you guys a little more betterer' meme from saint_viticus :

36 questionsCollapse )

And...oh, I cleaned my room this weekend, it's cleaner now than it was last week.  Other than that, I accomplished nothing.  Except I put a new brake light in Qwan's ass, his booty's all aglow now and I don't have to worry about retarded traffic tickets.

Have nice week everyone.

Royal Canadian Blended [userpic]

this that and the weather

September 27th, 2008 (03:05 am)

I look at Congress and politics the same way Obi-Wan looked at Mos Eisley - "Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villany."  Or whatever he said.  Not that I think all politicians are evil, two-faced crooks.  I just really can't stand politics most of the time.  I'll be interested to know what all you busy bees thought about that little presidential debate.  The 'audience reaction' thingy, and the score cards on CNN HD are like, the most amazing (and mezmerizing) inventions ever.

Didn't watch the whole thing because my phone went off, and like the idiot I am, I answered it and missed the last forty-five minutes of debate.  It was my brother, we talked a bit about this and that and the weather.  I miss him a lot sometimes.

Next month, SUNY Purchase is having their open house thing.  I was all set to go, scrimping and saving my pennies for the drive, until tonight when I realized that it's the day after the silly community art show and there's no chance in hell I'd ever make it all the way to New York in time.  Ben thinks I need to blow off the show and focus on my future, but I've never been one to back out of commitments.  Plus I can't get the damn registration fee back now, so it's moot.  I'm thinking maybe I'll go see Ben and the school in November when I'm on ~vacation~.

Currently, I'm s'posed to be moving the goddamn red pickup truck out of the driveway so Dave the conscrukshun man can park his van in the morning (at the crack of dawn, no less), but I tried to start the thing a while ago and it wouldn't start.  I know it's been a bit since I drove a stick, but jeez.  I'd like to think I still know how to start one, right?  Clutch in, brake down, take off the emergency brake, fire her up...and nothing.  What am I skipping out on you guys?  I'm hoping the truck is just finnicky and only starts if she's in neutral, some idiot left it in reverse, so who knows.  My dad is far far away in Staunton, stressed over his lecture for a day, then busted up his knee or something, and it rained cats and rats the whole time he's been there.  Last thing that bloke needs is for his vehicle to go to shit. 

Happy Weekend everybody.  Y'all behave yourselves.

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